Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are part of Wellmark's core values. We view these values as vital to our business strategy and long-term success.


Wellmark Chairman John Forsyth leads organizational diversity and inclusion efforts, along with a Director of Workforce Inclusion and an Inclusion Council who promote diversity and inclusion within our company. In 2011, Forsyth was a recipient of the Diversity JournaCEO Leadership in Action Award .


Here's what Forsyth has to say about Diversity and Inclusion at Wellmark:

At Wellmark, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to who we are and what we do. Diversity of experiences, ideas, cultures, and beliefs drives us to achieve greater success and sustainable results. Investing in an inclusive workforce and workplace garners innovation, connectivity, and commitment. Combining diversity with inclusion is essential to reaching our potential as a company.


We are all different, so recognizing, respecting, and maximizing these differences provides us a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.


John Forsyth

Chairman and CEO

Chairman, Wellmark Inclusion Council

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